Instagram reach: what is it and how to increase it in 2023

Dropped reach and activity?

Bloggers often experience sudden or gradual drops in Instagram reach. It happens! But first you need to figure out the reasons - this is a shadow ban or loss of audience interest in your account. Any of these reasons can be dealt with.

Instagram reach is...

... the total number of people who saw your ad or content (post, story, video). If your post was seen by 100 unique users, then the reach of the post is 100. These are the “covered accounts” in the business profile on Instagram. Reach can be viewed in the statistics of a single post or the entire account.

Why track reach on Instagram

Main indicator

Related to the concept of reach is the term engagement. The more involved users, the greater the reach, which means more profile actions. Engaged users are potential customers that you will show ads to or sell your product to. The involved person does not just watch the posts, but also likes, comments, saves posts, responds to ads (goes to the site, in direct). Marketers take this into account and choose bloggers with high coverage on Instagram and engagement to advertise brands.

6 tips for optimizing your Instagram profile

How to Increase Instagram Reach:
6 Tips and Proven Ways Share ways we can help you
Start writing long post descriptions 
Start writing long post descriptions 
The more time a user spends viewing your post, the better. This increases the chance that your new content will be recommended to him. Write detailed descriptions (up to 2200 characters).
Use interactive content in your stories
Use interactive content in your stories
Stories with questions, polls, discussions, games, tests, quizzes and puzzles are very captivating for subscribers. Use this technique to increase your reach!
Encourage followers to respond to stories and posts
Encourage followers to respond to stories and posts
Instagram reach will definitely increase if you ask subscribers to write a comment, send a reaction. You can offer a gift to every 1000th person who leaves the 100th comment on a particular post.

Use relevant hashtags
Use relevant hashtags
Hashtags are a free way to promote on Instagram if you can't use paid advertising. Just don't use the same hashtags for every post, choose them carefully for each topic. Thoughtful tags will be convenient for people and the algorithm.
Don't forget to clean your account 
Don't forget to clean your account 
Use only proven services for cleaning bots and inactive subscribers. Protect your account.

Reasons for falling coverage on Instagram: how not to get into the shadowban

The main reasons for the sudden drop in coverage on Instagram

  1. Violating the Instagram Community Guidelines or posting inappropriate content.
  2. Sudden suspicious activity. Using bots to increase the number of subscribers, comments and likes
  3. The presence of bots, inactive users and a large number of subscriptions to commercial accounts
  4. Using more than 30 hashtags may be perceived as spamming.
  5. Account complaints. Do not violate copyrights, do not insult the audience - these actions usually receive a lot of complaints that reduce coverage on Instagram.
  6. Disinformation posts. Adam Mosseri said that if the algorithm has caught you posting misinformation several times, it may limit the distribution of your content in the future. That is, you will receive the same shadowban.

To improve reach rates quickly and optimize your profile, we advise you to use only a proven system for cleaning from bots and unnecessary accounts. Such a system will help to avoid or get out of the shadowban. Also, do not break the rules of Instagram. And most importantly, you need to encourage users to watch your content more and interact with it.
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